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“To take the air, to go for a stroll, to enjoy a friendly chat, to play music, or sing ... are such honest diversions that the only thing needed to utilize them well is simple prudence, which gives to all things their rank, time, place and measure.” - St. Francis de Sales

There is always something happening at DeSales.

Upcoming Events

Dec 04
Connelly Chapel 12:00PM
Dec 05
Dec 06
Arts in Action

Act 1 Productions

Act 1 is DeSales University’s highly-acclaimed performing arts company and features professional-caliber productions.

Each year we welcome another group of eager young actors, designers, dancers, and filmmakers all drawn to DeSales to hone their craft and create art that will inspire and entertain. We offer enchanting and provocative stories that will — with the mere rise of a curtain — unlock the limitlessness of your imagination. 

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

A leading Shakespeare festival with an emerging national reputation for excellence, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (PSF) is a professional theatre company on the campus of DeSales University.

Each summer, PSF produces a season of Shakespeare and other classics, musical theatre, and children’s theatre. 

PA Shakespeare Festival at DeSales