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Tools & Support during the COVID-19 Crisis

Xổ số miền bắc 30 ngày trước If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

We understand that this may be a stressful and anxiety-producing time for students for so many different reasons. The Counseling Center is available to speak with any students (you do not need to be an already existing counseling center client) remotely via telephone or Zoom.

Any student (undergraduate or graduate) who has an interest in setting up a session, please click on the “set up a remote consultation” box below. 

Xổ số miền bắc 30 ngày trướcDuring this closure, we also highly encourage students to access mental health services available at home.

Xổ số miền bắc 30 ngày trướcBe sure to follow us on Instagram @ and don't forget to check out our link in the bio.

In the meantime, here is a list of tools/resources for you to use to support your mental health and wellbeing:

Tools & Support during the COVID-19 Crisis

  • Crisis Lines

    • : 1-800-273-8255. Crisis intervention and free emotional support are available, which is helpful when you need confidential assistance during a time of emotional
    • : Text MHA to 741741. Mental Health America is a nationwide organization that provides assistance through this text line. You will be linked to someone who can guide you through a crisis or just provide information.
    • : Text CONNECT to 741741. Specialized crisis counselors are just a text message away on this free, confidential 24-hour support line. To further protect your privacy, these messages do not appear on a phone bill. The text line also provides services and support if you are upset, scared, hurt, frustrated, or distressed.
    • : Text a message to 838255. Operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, these services aid veterans and their families who may be in crisis by connecting them with VA responders.
    • : 1-800-656-4673 or 24-hour chat online
    • : 1-800-799-7233 or 24-hour chat online
    • : 1-866-488-7386, call text or chat
  • Wellness Center Video Resources

    • : A message to parents from our Dean of Students for Wellness
    • : Are you struggling to find purpose in your day? You are not alone! Our counselor, Ashley, made a wonderful video to help you put meaning back into your day - check it out!
    • : Having trouble adjusting to online classes? Check out these 5 tips for online learning.
    • : Feeling the pressure to be as productive as possible during this pandemic? Take a few moments to listen to our counselor Erin explain why it's okay to cut yourself some slack.
    • : Have you been curious about what free apps are out there to add as another support for your mental health? Our counselor Jess is here to explore 6 different apps with you and discuss how they can be helpful (Woebot, Mood Tools, Fear Tools, Smiling Mind, CBT-i Coach, and PTSD Coach).
    • : Having trouble getting a good night's sleep? Watch this video to hear some quick tips for sleep hygiene.
    • : Tired of sitting in front of your computer? Need to take a break from Zoom and on-line learning? Want to relieve stress and reduce anxiety? Try this Mindfulness practice, Walking Meditation. This video explains what walking meditation is and how you do it.
    • : Learn how you can use hot chocolate to practice your deep breathing skills.
    • : Looking to do a fun and relaxing activity? Our counselor Ashley is here to guide you through painting a simple, yet beautiful, sunset.
  • Emotional Support

    • : Offers online mental health resources, quizzes, news, an “Ask the Therapist” function, and online support communities.
    • : This is a New York–based organization operates a 24-hour crisis hotline for anyone in the area. Even if you’re not in crisis but feel like you need emotional support, this hotline can help.
    • : Free online text chat with a trained listener for emotional support and counseling. Also offers fee- for-service online therapy with a licensed mental health professional. Service/website also offered in Spanish.
    • : Offers virtual support groups on numerous mental health conditions - free or low-cost. Website also offered in Spanish.
    • : An international fellowship of people who desire to have a better sense of emotional well-being. EA members have in person and online weekly meetings available in more than 30 countries with 600 active groups worldwide. The EA is nonprofessional and cannot be a complement to therapy.
    • : Free, online peer support groups offering members facing mental health challenges and/or difficult family dynamics a safe place to connect. Support groups include Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, HIV/AIDS, LGBT, Marriage/Family, OCD and Teens.
    • : Connects users with resources for finding a therapist, answering mental health questions and applying for grants to cover the cost of therapy.
    • : hosts free grief recovery support groups across the country.
    • : has been evaluated in a scientific trial and found to be effective in relieving depression symptoms if people work through it systematically. This website uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods to teach people to use ways of thinking that can help prevent depression
    • ): a residential treatment program for people who engage in self-injury. The website includes information about self-injury and about starting treatment. S.A.F.E information line: 1-800-DONT CUT (366-8288)
    • : This Way Up is a web-based program that provides information and skills for overcoming anxiety and depression. With clinician-assisted, self-help, and school-based-prevention modules, This Way Up can be used by many different kinds of users who need help to cope with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), This Way Up may be particularly useful for individuals who do not have affordable or accessible mental health services in their area.
  • 12 Step Addiction Groups Online Meetings

    • : Virtual All-Recovery Meetings (ARMs) and workshops held multiple times per day for young adults in recovery from addiction.
    • :  A directory of hundreds of AA meetings in many languages that are happening 24/7 from groups around the world. Filter by day, time, language, male only, female only, LGBT, military, ASL, blind/visually impaired, young people, professionals, newcomer, and more.
    • : Offers online Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon Family Group, Adult Children Anonymous (ACA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Codependents Anonymous (CODA) 12 Step meetings and general 12 Step support chat. 
    •  is a worldwide fellowship of more than 9,900 healthcare professionals and their families who strive to help one another to achieve and maintain recovery from addictions. Membership is open to doctorate level health care providers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, or to those in training for these degrees.
    • : NA-Recovery has an online chatroom where Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held every night, a message board to share experiences, strength, and hope with other addicts(including personal stories, suggestions about the 12 steps and the 12 traditions, and questions and answers about recovery and life in general).
    • : Online recovery network that uses Buddhist practices and principles to heal the suffering caused by all types of addiction. It is an international community of people who host and participate in weekly meetings to support our sobriety and wellbeing through meditation, self-inquiry, and sharing.
    • : Recovery group that uses Buddhist-inspired practices and principles, combined with successful recovery community structures, to overcome addiction. Uses Zoom to conduct online meetings. Filter by day and time.
    • : Abstinence based, secular, and self-empowered addiction recovery pathway through our meeting and support network. Online meetings offered through Zoom.
    • All : Offering online recovery support groups which will be available five times daily at 7AM, 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM, 9PM, and 11PM EST, as well as one daily family and loved one recovery support meeting at 8PM EST, and weekly LGBTQ+ (Wed at 11AM EST) and Women’s Only (Tue & Thurs at 7PM EST) all recovery meeting.  All recovery meetings are non-denominational, agnostic to any specific recovery pathway, and are open to anyone.
  • Other Support Groups

    • : Use the tool on the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance website to find out if a support group is meeting in your area. These are peer-led support groups.
    • : Following the 12-step approach used by Alcoholics Anonymous, can help people struggling with eating disorders. The website lists meetings nationwide.
    • : Following the 12-step approach used by Alcoholics Anonymous, can help people struggling with compulsive eating and binge eating. The website lists Overeaters Anonymous meetings nationwide.
    • : Recovery International, a self-help mental health organization, sponsors weekly group peer-led meetings in many communities, as well as telephone and Internet-based meetings.
  • Mental Health and COVID-19

    • : Free downloadable workbook to help manage stress and anxiety specifically related to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Mindfulness

    • : Streams every weekday at 3:00 pm EST
    • : Streams every week day at 2:00 pm EST; meditation guided by the founder of MBSR, Jon Kabat-Zinn.
    • : Tired of sitting in front of your computer? Need to take a break from Zoom and on-line learning? Want to relieve stress and reduce anxiety? Try this Mindfulness practice, Walking Meditation. This video explains what walking meditation is and how you do it.
  • Apps

    • Woebot: Meet Woebot! Your friendly self-care expert. Woebot can help you:
      • Think through situations with step-by-step guidance from Woebot using tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
      • Learn about yourself with intelligent mood tracking
      • Master skills to reduce stress and live happier through over 100+ evidence-based stories from our clinical team
    • Smiling Mind: Smiling Mind is a FREE mindfulness meditation app developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life.Just as we eat well and stay fit to keep our body healthy, mindfulness meditation is about mental health and looking after the mind. Programs are designed to assist people in dealing with the pressure, stress, and challenges of daily life.
    • Fear Tools: FearTools is an evidence-based app designed to help you combat anxiety, aiding you on your road to recovery. This application is especially useful for those suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Phobias, and Social Anxiety Disorder.
    • Mood Tools: If you are feeling sad, anxious, or depressed, lift your mood with MoodTools! MoodTools is designed to help you combat depression and alleviate your negative moods, aiding you on your road to recovery.
  • Medical Resources

    • : 800-503-6897; Detailed database of prescription assistance programs, free/low-cost clinic listings, and other information and resources about medical cost assistance
    • : The Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps is a non-profit, volunteer, relief corps dedicated to providing free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services. Waiting Period: extended wait on location and first come, first served.
    • : Find a free charitable clinic by zip code or city & state
    • : Search nearby; safety-net health care organizations that utilize a volunteer/staff model to provide a range of medical, dental, pharmacy, vision and/or behavioral health services to economically disadvantaged individuals
  • Financial Resources

    • : 211 or local phone number listed on the website. Information and referrals for needs-based resources; housing, food, rent & utilities assistance, health care, childcare, and more.
    • : Services vary by location, but may include: Financial Assistance, Financial education programs, LIHEAP (utility assistance), Head Start, and referrals to other community resources. Look up the local community partnership by state and county.
    • : An online resource that connects users to free and reduced cost local resources such as medical care, food, housing, transportation and much more. Website also offered in Spanish.
    • : Provides information on assistance programs, charity organizations, and resources that provide help paying bills, mortgage and debt relief (financial, rent and government assistance).
    • : An online service that connects users to over 350,000 listings nationwide of private and public resources for food pantries, stores that accept food stamps, assisted living facilities, domestic violence and homeless shelters, mental health & substance use treatment, free clinics, legal and financial assistance.
    • : Provides information about government programs that help with bill payment, temporary assistance, jobs/unemployment, credit, etc. Website and Helpline also offered in Spanish.
    • For those who qualify for financial support, service provides patient advocates to assist in securing financial assistance for co-payments, prescriptions, deductibles, premiums and medical expenses. Spanish-language translation service also available.
    • : Provides underinsured patients with financial assistance through disease-specific funds that provide access to progressive therapies. Spanish-language calls accepted.
    • : Helps federally and commercially insured people living with life threatening, chronic, and rare diseases. Offers co-pay relief program to provide direct financial assistance to insured patients who meet certain qualifications to help them pay for needed prescriptions and/or treatment. Their website also has many other resources and services. Website also offered in Spanish.
    : Provides financial assistance for underinsured to afford critical medical treatments through “Disease Funds” (note, typically for chronic physical diseases - not mental health conditions). Website also offered in Spanish.
  • Children

  • Other Resources

  • Uplifting News

    • : the magazine for good journalism about the good things that are happening
    • : Since 1997, millions of people have turned to the Good News Network® as an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media
    • : Providing stories and tools designed to leave you feeling less overwhelmed, and more capable of being a part of the good in the world. Additionally, sign up for the Goodnewsletter, to receive five good news stories in your inbox every Tuesday morning.
    • : Sign up to receive good news stories to come out amidst the coronavirus pandemic reporting for some light relief and hope for brighter times to come.
  • Fun Self-Care

    • : Invite up to 5 friends to play this virtual “Cards Against Humanity” – type game
    • : Create a “room” to video chat and play games with up to eight people. Click on the dice to choose a game to play with your friends (Heads Up!, Trivia, Chips and Guac, and Quick Draw!). Houseparty is available on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and as a Google Chrome extension
    • Mario Kart Tour, Uno online, Scattergories: Play online with friends. Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
    • : Select a puzzle, and invite other friends to join your game to complete it together, or choose to compete against each other to see who can finish a puzzle faster.
    • : Enter a game identifier to create a new game and copy and paste the link to share the virtual board with friends. Divide your group of friends into two teams and designate one person on each team as the Spymaster. The spymaster’s job is to communicate clues that help guide their team members toward picking their team’s cards on the board.
    • : Play online with 3-8 friends. Screen share on zoom (if using steam on your computer) or stream it on mixer (if using a game console) to share the game screen with friends, then go to on your phone and enter the room code to start the game. Give your wittiest answers to simple prompts. Friends vote on the best answer; most points wins.
  • Student Athlete Mental Health Resources

    • : a podcast where sport psychologists and mental health professionals team up to hold conversations for student athletes on mental health. 


    • Xổ số miền bắc 30 ngày trước: Millions of students are experiencing the impact of COVID-19. This is especially true for student athletes, who may be struggling with disruptions to their schedule and training, disconnection from their teammates, or feeling disappointed about the cancelled season. Fortunately, mental health practitioners and athletic departments are meeting this challenge by providing online support and other resources. 


    • Xổ số miền bắc 30 ngày trước: NCAA Social Series is a weekly show featuring host Andy Katz and expert insiders who provide an in-depth look at issues and current events impacting college sports. Recent episodes have focused on the athletics environment during COVID-19 and how the sports world continues to navigate the pandemic. 

    • : Blog posts from NCAA members about how COVID-19 is impacting life on and off campus  



    • : With the recent developments surrounding coronavirus, athletes around the globe are rightly concerned about their training regimes, but one aspect that can often be overlooked is the mental side of being isolated for a period of time. At Team NL, a number of recommendations have been developed which can make the situation more manageable for athletes. 





    A Takeaway Message

    • Please know the DeSales community cares about you.  We are paying close attention to the situation and are making informed decisions to keep you healthy and safe.
    • Control what you can--make sure you are washing your hands, getting ample sleep and continuing to do things you enjoy.
    • Is social media becoming too much? Limit stress by reducing the amount of time you spend online or reading the news.  It’s important to stay informed but please also know your own limits.

    Stay up to date with COVID-19 updates

    Disclaimer: DeSales provides this directory information as a courtesy and makes no representations, warranties, endorsements, or guarantees as to the results or consequences arising from or relating to this information. Providing this information does not constitute (and is not a substitute for) psychological, legal, financial, or medical counseling, or any type of therapy. In no event shall DeSales be liable to any user of this directory information for damages arising from the voluntary selection of any mental health professional, from the services provided by any organizations and individuals listed herein, or for any other damages that may occur.